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Learn about Cindy Feagler | Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

Cindy Feagler is an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist who helps patients with tongue thrusting habits, tongue- ties, snoring, and other myofunctional dysfunction every day.

She has a passion to provide quality care, education, and therapy to all of her patients.  She wants people to understand the detrimental effects of myofunctional problems and the incredible benefits of the therapy she provides.

Myofunctional impairment puzzles can be easy to solve with a knowledgeable and understanding therapist to guide patients along the way.  Cindy works with dentists, orthodontists, sleep physicians, speech pathologists, and other specialists to help make patients’ experience as thorough and pleasant as possible.   She wants to help patients achieve lasting results through an individualized programs.

Tongue Tie Treatment

“I use an adaption from the lingual frenulum protocol (Marchesan 2014) for my screening of the lingual frenum.

I look at 3 general tests. The difference in mouth opening with and without tongue tip to the incisive papilla (not suctioned), alterations to the shape of the tongue during elevation, and the frenulum fixation. 

I then look at several functional tests (Tongue mobility, tongue protrusion, and tongue lateralization) and evaluate how you feel when you're moving your tongue through those motions.” 

- Cindy Feagler, OMT, RDH (link to bio)

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